Top 10 Alternatives To Google Hangouts To Use in 2022

Google is known for keeping up with the circumstances no matter how difficult the situation is; Google hangouts was released in 2013. It aimed at providing all the necessary live services on one platform. It was pretty successful in doing so, but soon they were challenged by multiple platforms that later became more popular, and google hangout lost its value. In this article, we will be discussing the alternatives to Google hangouts. To look for similar articles, click here.

alternatives to google hangouts

Moreover, when the pandemic affected the workspace and expanded into the virtual environment, many other platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc., took over.

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Hence here are the top ten alternatives to Google hangouts.

Ten alternatives to Google Hangout


Discord is a network for voice-over IP, text messaging, and internet streaming. In private conversations or as part of “servers,” users can communicate through voice service, video calls, messaging services, multimedia, and downloads.


This live-streaming device focuses greatest if everyone in the group uses Discord. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it if your community doesn’t yet, but it could require a little more effort to get folks on track. You should use Discord if your customers and services center around gameplay. If you’re searching for a means to communicate with this population, this is a great Google Hangouts alternative.

Website: Discord

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Streamyard is based on the simple notion: build an easy-to-use and learn experience for online broadcasters. In the StreamYard studio, users create programs and conversations, and StreamYard transmits them wherever they want. This technology does not require any downloads and runs entirely within your computer. If you have a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, users can use Streamyard to live-stream to almost all of them.


This is a program you should try if you’re searching for a Google Hangouts substitute that overcomes technological restrictions and constraints. In tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Figma, users may create overlays, backdrops, logos, and other forms of images. You might also check into Streamer Templates if you’d prefer someone else do it for you.

Website: Streamyard


One of the most convincing reasons for using Zoom Live instead of Google Hangouts is that many groups are already acquainted with it. Zoom is used by millions worldwide daily for business, education, and catching up with old acquaintances. In reality, it indicates that “zooming” is the term for videoconferencing, even when a different platform is employed.zoom

 Zoom is a sophisticated live-streaming product, but there is still a rationale it’s on everyone’s attention. Zoom includes tools like simulated hand raising and voting to keep your employees interested. The reality that you can concurrently stream your seminars and conferences too numerous platforms is just the cherry on top.

Website: Zoom


This video live streaming platform based in the United States concentrates on video game streaming, exceptionally competitive tournament streams, music telecasts, original works, and “in everyday life” feeds. Twitch Interactive, an, Inc. subsidiary, administers it. Companies regularly use Twitch for advertising their products by hosting sessions of broadcasts.


 Art and philosophical programs have also started to gain traction, focusing on social involvement. While establishing a footprint on the platform might be challenging, an achievement on Twitch can result in a significant boost in the size and quality of your audience. If you’re searching for a Google Hangouts substitute, it’s worth taking a look at.

Website: Twitch

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio (previously Open Broadcaster Software) is one of the best alternatives to Google hangouts. It is a cross-platform screencasting and broadcasting program that is free and open-source. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux versions, and BSD. Few of the leading figures in live-streaming supports it. It’s accessible, open-source software that you can download and use straight away. Moreover, OBS Studio has received backing from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. If you have a preferred streamer, it’s safe to assume they’re utilizing it.

obs studio

It’s theoretically for anyone interested in starting a live-streaming enterprise. This depth renders it a potent weapon, but it may also cause problems. Most other choices are more like Canva, but OBS Studio is similar to Photoshop, and OBS Studio is an excellent tool for veterans and newcomers to live-stream.

Website: OBS Studio

YouTube Live

There are several methods for turning your videos to life. YouTube gives the option to create, allowing you to use everything from virtual reality to live streaming to bring your audience into your world in new and exciting ways. Google attempted to blend Google Hangouts on Air and YouTube Live; however, the transfer was not smooth. 

youtube live

If you’re a fan of Google Hangouts, you’ll likely enjoy YouTube Live as well. YouTube Live was a live-streamed event that took place in 2008. Apart from the robust infrastructure that YouTube and Google provide, plenty of functionality and a responsive support network broadcasting on YouTube are made more accessible by one object: the platform recognizes consumer expectations.

Website: YouTube Live

Facebook live

We can debate the cultural influence of social media sites like Facebook, but one thing is sure: everyone and their granny has a Facebook account. As a result, being on Facebook may be an excellent option to reach a large audience.

facebook live

Their live streaming facilities aren’t as feature-rich as those on this ranking, and they’re not dedicated to a particular sector or style. Facebook, on the other hand, has unparalleled penetration.

Website: Facebook live

Talky compensates for its shortage of functionality with its comfort and efficiency of usage. Starting a conversation and providing your room link to the individuals you need to communicate with is all it requires to use Talky., on the other extreme, does not use this approach.

When looking for a Google Hangouts on Air replacement, you’ll come across a slew of options that claim to provide more. Nonetheless, Talky focuses on a smaller niche, offering a simple video chat solution for groups of up to six individuals. Several other options claim to have additional functionality and connectivity.



Spreaker has it all, even if you’re trying to host, create, broadcast, or even monetize your podcasts. It only does a single job, and it does it brilliantly: it enables podcasts.


Using Spreaker’s Content Management System, you may quickly and effectively broadcast your podcast, and you may then release your podcast on all of the major podcast platforms. Spreaker also takes care of revenue, allowing broadcasters to auto-insert advertisements at any moment in their broadcasts.

Website: Spreaker

Be. Live

The last of the top alternatives to Google hangouts is Be. Live. Be. Live is a straightforward and dependable streaming service. Be. Live allows you to stream on sites like Facebook Live and YouTube Live to broaden your audience and reach. If you want to take it a step further, you may use the lower third of the screen to display name tags and agendas during your streams.

be. live

Hence, before you even start using Be. Live, you’ll be able to tailor the broadcast with your logo, custom frames, and branding colors. Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have shared streams. To test it out for yourself, you can try their basic plan for free.

Website: Be. Live

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