7 Best Games on Origin Access [Updated 2022]

Gaming has become everyone’s favorite thing to do. It gives a different rush to the players and some hours of mind-numbing escapism. Even if you are not winning in your life, you can always win in a game. Well, here’s a list of 7 mind-blowing best games on origin access that you should access in 2021. 

Best games on Origin Access

Have a look at the list below!

Knockout city

First in the list of best games on origin access is knockout city. This is a multiplayer game that will boost your dopamine and will have you making quick decisions. Team up and duke it out. Knockout your opponent with tricky shots and lay your path to glory! Create your cool avatar look and manage crew by adding your friends to take over the knockout city to Knock it out! Grab, make a pass, dodge, strike, and even quit to win

knockout city
Knockout city

Please participate in the dodgeball battles and earn points, play with the ball, making sure that you or your crew does not get hit by it. Organize your team and rule over the city with intense playing techniques. It’s frantic and fun where the diverse ball types, locations, and game modes make it more electric and enticing. 

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Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic, kung-Fu fable RPG with a unique strategy to save the world from the plague. That’s right, epidemic has overtaken the world, and only one person can become the savior that’s you! You get the ability to combine melee action, shooting, and mutate yourself. Yes, you read that right you can alter your genetic makeup and mutate yourself into anything.


The martial art combat system allows you to have greater freedom of movement and sharpness. You are entirely free when you use your weapons. Hence, it’s one of the best games on origin access where you can be the hero or the zero. 

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Mass Effect Legendary Action 

It’s packed with sci-fi, action, and unforgettable adventures in the highly acclaimed series. Mass Effect legendary action includes single-player mode having promo weapons, armors with whole 4k Ultra HD experience. Your choices in each game will impact other games, too, so make sure to choose wisely. The outcome of every mission, relationship, battle, and even the fate of the galaxy is going to be in your hands. This makes it one of the best games on origin access.

mass effect legendary action
Mass Effect Legendary Action

Relive the cinematic saga with enhanced visuals, textures, graphics, FX, field lighting, depths, and updated user interface, providing seamless gaming episodes. Learn the history of the mass effect trilogy and meet incredible and exciting characters. 

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It takes two

As the name suggests, it’s a co-op game only where you can invite your friend with a pass on diverse gameplay challenges. You play as a couple, or say ‘the hit couple’ as Cody and May, turn into dolls with magic spells. Master the unique and intertwined character abilities along with every level. You will never know about your challenges at every level. One can say that excitement and unpredictability are the essence of It Takes Two. You will discover a symbolic merging of gameplay and narrative in a light-hearted story of the hardships in coping up. The furry tails of kick gangster squirrels, underwear shorts, DJ nightclub buzzing will give you moments of great laughter.

it takes two
It takes two

Your obstacles will increase with every level, and clearing them with your pal will provide you with a boost of fearlessness and trust. Therefore, it’s one of the best games on origin access in 2021.

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Apex legendary Gibraltar edition

Play and catch waves as you rule the competition with the Gibraltar edition. Spear yourself an excellent catch packed with exclusive items to add to your armory. 

  • The Gibraltar Edition includes:
  • Only Legendary “King of the Sea” Gibraltar Skin
  • Unique “Terror of the Deep” Devotion Skin
  •  Special “Lone Shark” Gun Charm
  • Sole “Making Waves” Badge
  • One thousand Apex Coins
apex legendary gibraltar edition
Apex legendary Gibraltar edition

With some optional in-app actual purchases with which you can get a random selection of in-game items. Furthermore, it contains a lot of tasks to do, which makes it another one of the best games on origin access. 

Battlefield V

Battle, another word for war. Battlefield V is based on World War Second, unlike its previous edition. Wars, in reality, are futile, but on the battlefield, it’s all about firestorms, operating Royal battle rules, and Grand operations. It has both player modes, single as well as multiple. You can ask your pals to join in and organize your crew. Teamwork is key to winning. Players can create their characters with weapon options. Currency used to purchase cosmetic items and other things are earned by completing in-game objectives.

battlefield v
Battlefield V

The game also features a “single-player” story based on the aspects of World War II with each story’s native language. 

A Way Out 

If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, you have reached a suitable match. It’s a game about two prisoners who try to escape jail. Exciting! Isn’t it? It’s based on the 1970s USA timeline where you will embark upon a journey, or one can say ‘escape plan’ full of adventures, risks, and incredible moments. It’s all about the mind game where you can stand a chance to live a movie life which requires making quick decisions for you and your partner.

a way out
A Way Out

Along with this, you will experience some beautiful and cinematic locations. Thus, you will master this game with teamwork and your moments of quietness and interaction are meaningful, thus allowing you two to stand out. It’s one of the best games available on Origin Access which is easily accessible. 



We have compiled a list of best games on origin access. Use this list to choose your next origin access game to play with your gaming community!

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