6 Best Torrent Downloaders for Mac in 2022

At the time when everything has gone online from president’s meetings to pre-nursery students’ classes, from exams to any money transaction. In such a time, surfing the internet may disclose our private data and details to a prospective attacker or third party. Therefore, a strong VPN is a necessity. Moreover, the universe of torrenting is risky and full of impediments.

For instance, often torrent websites are blocked in countries, and using them might get caught, but a good VPN can help. Torrents help us to get our favorite movies, games, and software applications for free. Especially in the case of macOS, as there are many restrictions for installing applications through the Store. Therefore we felt responsible to find out the Best Torrent Downloaders for Mac.

Now, let us discuss the best five torrent downloaders for Mac in 2022.

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Best Torrent Downloader For Macs

Here are the top 6 best torrent downloaders for macs


Transmission takes the first position on our list because of its simple design that most bears a Mac OS resemblance. Information permits users to rapidly download files from multiple peers along with uploading their files on the internet. 


By adding torrent files through the user interface, users can generate their queue of files to download and upload. In addition, the users can customize their downloads at their levels with the file selection menus. Besides this, the transmission also shares the downloaded content. Further, it’s fast, frivolous, and effortless. 

 Linux boxes along with OS X machines and Raspberry Pis are places where transmission is very widely used. It runs silently in the background, making it perfect for servers.


  • Full integration with macOS
  • Extremely refined UI
  • Easy and user-friendly
  • 100% automated
  • Speedy performance.


  • Lacks a deeper level of customization


Download: Transmission

WebTorrent Torrent Downloader

WebTorrent Desktop for Mac is the finest when it comes to online surfing and streaming. The foremost remarkable thing about it is that it permits one to watch files while finishing downloading. Moreover, we can also connect it to WebTorrent and BitTorrent peers, allowing a wide diversity of computers for a less time-consuming download.


It is a P2P (peer to peer) based streaming application. Its core focus is on online videos. However, it is preferred for larger-sized data instead of smaller ones. Using a Web torrent without an intermediary, we can upload a sizable private file to another party by directly connecting without leaving any traces along the way. In addition, connections are previously encoded, but one may add extra layers of security with keys to send it the other way. 


  • Brilliant operator experience
  • Light and fast since it is bloat-free,
  • Open-source
  • Along with Chromecast and AirPlay support
  • It comes with a gorgeous interface


  • The main problem is that its updates are not regular


qBittorrent Torrent Downloader

 Although overflowing with several outstanding features torrent clients, qBitttorrent takes third place because it’s not for just anyone but the more advanced users. This is for the power users who work with a significant quantity of torrents and want it under their control.


 Moreover, the current UI of qBittorrent isn’t the most instinctively calculated. However, the application has much more enveloped as compared to its interface in the early days. There’s a huge toolbar at the top, which brings the typical traditional controls. Then, there’s a comprehensive sidebar that assists in establishing a group of torrents. And lastly, you can use the toolbar placed at the bottom to achieve all varieties of advanced procedures.


  • Effortless torrent creation
  • Open-source software
  • Ad-Free


  • Sporadic bugs and glitches


Download: qBittorent

BitTorrent Web Torrent Downloader

 We must not overlook the original BitTorrent that still makes it to our list of most torrent downloaders for Mac. It brings with itself everything required, from an upfront interface, up to the skill to search for torrents online.


For instance, I most liked BitTorrent because it’s newbie-friendly, meaning that neither does one need former familiarity nor needs to be a tech-savvy person to start an oner torrenting journey. One can alter its interface into a straightforward UI with only essential tools. Its flexibility allows one to add other options along with tracking all over downloads. It’s a widespread application in this grouping, all credits going to its countless features, and it’s an exceptional choice for both pros and beginners. 


  • A long-standing application
  • Outstanding performance
  • Among the most popular P2P clients for macOS.


  • The all-new BitTorrent Web is a significant step in a diverse direction.


Download: BitTorrent

Flox Torrent

Next on our list, we have Folx. Folx is an exceedingly exciting download manager that also grips torrents with ease. As such, it acts as the center for all the downloads.

About Folx, with itself, it brings a bundle of features, including a highly polished interface. Firstly, it starts from using the built-in search tool. Moreover, the application will display an extended list of outcomes, so one can begin to download files instantly. In addition, customizing according to one’s needs, one can also add torrents manually.

flox torrent
Flox Torrent

Not only this, Folx PRO is an additional featured-packed alternative. Its strategy is to distribute downloads into two streams for faster downloading. Moreover, it handles the interrupted downloads by resuming them whenever required, which can be a real rescuer at times. Lastly, it can download videos from the Web, from various websites such as OneTube, Vimeo, etc.


  • A highly modern UI
  • Integrates with macOS deeply
  • Can split downloads
  • Handy tagging system
  • Built-in search engine.


  • Advanced features are available in the PRO version only.


Download: Folx


Among the many torrent downloader for macs, uTorrent is a compact and lightweight application with a minimal installer. If you save uTorrent to a USB stick, you can use it as a portable downloader. The downloads are quick so that they won’t affect your online visibility. Scripting, automation, remote management, and other features allow you to manage your torrents using this program. Additionally, you may access an extensive library of brand new videos, movies, and music from any device, including your PC, smartphone, or television.



  • Options for scheduling
  • The free version is sufficient for most Lightweight.


  • There isn’t a built-in torrent search.
  • Ads are included in the free software, and other installations will be attempted using the free installer.

Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported operating systems.

Download: uTorrent


In conclusion, these are the best torrent downloader for macs. You can remain anonymous online and secure your personal information using a VPN. BitTorrent is one of the most well-known and widely used torrent clients. Furthermore, there are two versions available: Web for Mac and Windows and Classic for Windows. Basic, Pro, and Pro + VPN (includes a free VPN) are the options.

BitTorrent Classic provides a sleek, straightforward interface that allows you to plan downloads and specify download priority levels. However, some security concerns have been raised, appraising an alert in various antivirus programs.

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