6 Best Xbox 360 Motorcycle Games of 2022

We have a list of the Best Xbox 360 Motorcycle Games for you. One of the best home video game consoles for gamers is Xbox 360, developed by Microsoft and the second console in the Xbox series, succeeding the original Xbox. It was first unveiled in 2005, having some significant updates. Xbox 360 has more advanced hardware as compared to the original Xbox. It also has more memory, a powerful multicore processer, and an excellent graphic processing unit, all of which are extremely important for running intensive games smoothly.

xbox 360 motorcycle games
Xbox 360 motorcycle games

It has more games installed than Xbox and is also compatible with Kinect, an add-on accessory that needs to be bought separately. Kinect is a camera that senses players’ movements and translates them to controls. Some of the Xbox 360 games can only be played with the help of Kinect.

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Best Xbox 360 motorcycle games

Besides playing video games, Xbox also allows players to download or stream all types of media like music, films, pictures, and gaming content. Gamers are usually more interested in racing games than any other genre of games. Some of the best Xbox 360 motorcycle racing games are listed below.

Mx vs. ATV: Supercross

This game is first on the list of Best Xbox 360 motorcycle games. This game allows players to race on more than 30 tracks competing with more than 60 other official riders to cross the finish line first. Players can ride on ATVs or other bikes as per their choice and play in multiple modes like free rides, single races, or careers. It can be played with a maximum of 12 players at once. You can also customize your rider with various items provided by the motorcross companies.

mx vs. atv supercross
Mx vs. ATV Supercross

This game updates regularly and can also be played on split-screen for two local players.

Trials Fusion

It is the fifth game in the trials series, succeeding Trials evolution. It allows players to enjoy the game in both the old-classic and all-new ways. Players can’t get over trials fusion because of its stunning visuals and graphics, unique gameplay, tough competition, and never-ending destinations for new features. This game uses 3D graphics making it more interesting. This game also allows players to form their tracks using the track editor.

trials fusion
Trials Fusion

The obstacles, ramp-ridden practice, and high competition make this game tricky, making it one of the Best Xbox 360 motorcycle games. A maximum of 4 players can play in the multiplayer mode in Xbox 360.

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Moto GP 09/10

This game is a part of the Moto GP series, which rewards players for their racing style and skills. It contains all the tracks, teams, and riders from the first official Moto GP video game. In addition, Moto GP 09/10 features the arcade mode in which players should complete a race in a given time limit while showing off their skills to stay in the game. This makes this game a part of the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games list.

Moto GP 09 10
Moto GP 09 10

This game features a total of 4 modes, namely career, championship, arcade, and online. All of the modes offer a great experience making this game a must-play.


Next on the list of best Xbox 360 motorcycle games is Pure. It is an off-road racing game taking the genre to a new level. Gamers are primarily interested in this game because of its realistic graphics and locations. It is one of the best off-road racing games. This game features massive aerial jumps and tricks at extreme heights giving players a thrilling experience. In Pure, players ride quad bikes in locations worldwide, pulling off extreme stunts.


The riders rate according to the trick they perform. The more extreme scheme, the more points they score.

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MX vs. ATV Reflex

Reflex is the third game in the MX vs. ATV series. This game allows players to race Motorcross or supercross on motorbikes or ATVs. This game includes up-gradation in the control scheme and physics engine. Reflex will also enable players to perform terrain deformation, carving the earth to create bumps, berms, or ruts. These bumps, grooves, or ridges keep constantly changing throughout the racecourse.

mx vs. atv reflex
MX vs. ATV Reflex

This game includes omnicross, waypoint riding, free ride, and champion sport track. The multiplayer version of reflex supports a maximum of 12 players.

MX vs. ATV Untamed

Untamed- The MX vs. ATV series undoubtedly contains some of the best motorcycle racing games of 2021. It is one of the best-selling off-road motorcycle racing games. This game includes several modes, namely supermoto. Supercross, endurocross, motocross, open cross, free rides, mini bikes, and many more. In this part of the MX vs. ATV series, players have a wide range of vehicles to ride, such as monster trucks, trophy trucks, ATVs, and motorbikes. In some modes, players can also participate in practice races, which can help players get familiar with the track and vehicle before the actual race.

mx vs. atv untamed
MX vs. ATV Untamed

The accessible ride mode in untamed allows players to explore the indoor and outdoor locations. This version also supports multiplayer up to 12 players.

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Conclusion to Best Xbox 360 Motorcycle Games

Xbox 360 has a wide variety of video games, making it hard for people to choose what to play. In addition to all the internal advancements, Xbox 360 also has an external advancement. Xbox 360 has wireless controllers that ease gaming but must be changed regularly. We have for you the best Xbox 360 Motorcycle Games!

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