All Delicious Games In Order

The Delicious Emily series was a creation of many game studios but released under the Zylom label. Each game provides you with a unique experience and an added level of challenge, with every new edition bringing improved gameplay every year. Ingredients, cuisine, diet, and more are useful to narrow down your search. Emily, the game’s central character, wants to realize her ambition of running a restaurant. We have discussed delicious games in order.

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About The Delicious Series

Delicious Games is an extremely popular cooking-based game series about time management. Zylom Studios (and Gamehouse Studios after the 7th edition) developed the Delicious Games.

The series follows a girl named Emily who desires to have her restaurant shortly and therefore works at numerous restaurants to earn.

delicious series

After the fourth game, the series became extremely popular because Zylom made the game more story-oriented and personal. As a result, the game was lauded by both critics and gamers, with Gamezebo rating the 7th edition 5/5. Here you will find all Delicious Games in order.

Chronology Of The Games

With over eighteen editions of the video game already released, it can consequently be confusing for a beginner to give the series a try for the first time. So we are listing all the Delicious games in order with notable features and ratings so that you can get started without any hassles. 

Delicious And Its Winter Edition

Released in September 2006, The first game did not focus much on the storyline, and the players were expected to run eight restaurants for five days each.

delicious and its winter edition

After two months, a winter theme game similar to the first one was released. Gamezebo gave this game a rating of 3.5/5. It was nominated for the 2006 Best Casual Game of the Year award.

Delicious 2

Released in June 2007, the game consisted of five 10-day restaurants. The storyline is about Emily being asked for help by her uncle as his son runs away and leaves him alone to run the restaurant.

delicious 2

The second game had more new features than the previous one, like giving more choices to the player in decorating the restaurant as they wished and the inclusion of trophies.

Emily’s Tea Garden

Released in September 2008, the story is about Emily’s dream of running a tea garden, due to which she has to take a loan. Her uncle helps her get a job at a restaurant to earn enough money for her dream. Emily works at three restaurants to make enough money before working at the tea garden (the final one).

delicious 3

The third edition diversified the game by adding new dishes, reservations, and a mini-game. 

Emily’s Taste Of Fame

Released in June 2009, this edition increased the characters to over 30, the largest for any casual game at its time. It also added many special events apart from the normal gameplay. The story follows Emily getting a chance to host a television show but eventually getting into trouble when her car breaks down. During this journey, the kind-hearted Emily helps numerous people. Gamezebo rated this game as 4.5/5.

delicious 4

The game was nominated at the 2010 GameHouse Great Game Awards in three categories and won the Top Time Management Games category.

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season

Released in November 2009, the story is about Emily getting settled in a Small Town and celebrating a holiday with her friends and family. 

delicious 5

She has to choose between two men who enter her life and solve problems with her family and friends during this time.

Delicious: Emily’s Childhood Memories

Released in February 2011, the story is about Emily visiting her childhood home as her parents decide to sell it. The family recalls all the childhood memories from her birth to her prom’s night. It won the “Best of 2011 award” on and “Best Casual Game 2011” from Dutch Game Awards. This game was also highly rated at 4.5/5.

delicious games in order

The game also had a special edition released, consisting of bonus features and upgrades.

Delicious: Emily’s True Love

Released in November 2011, the story leaps forward one year after Emily opens her restaurant. She has to travel across the world to find her true love, helping restaurants along the way. Gamezebo gave the game an excellent rating of 5/5.

delicious games in order

They released two special editions of the game. One consisted of 10 bonus levels, restaurants, and other features, and the other was a mini-game with four levels.

Delicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding

Released in June 2012, this was the first game to have multiple episodes. It consists of 25 episodes and 50 levels. The story revolves around Emily and Patrick’s wedding and their complications when Patrick’s mother and ex-girlfriend show up.

delicious games in order

They released a special edition, having five bonus episodes, a soundtrack, and wallpapers.

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Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise

The game, released in September 2013, also has many episodes. The storyline is based on the journey of Emily and Patrick’s honeymoon. She faces difficulty as Patrick wants kids, and Emily isn’t ready yet. In addition, this game introduced a new feature to the players. The Players can control characters other than Emily and at any place.

delicious games in order

This game also had a special edition with special features. Continue reading to find Delicious games in order.

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning

The game, released in 2014, focuses on Emily struggling between parenting and work. 

delicious games in order

In addition, they released two special editions of the game – A Christmas special and a Valentine special.

Delicious: Emily’s Home Sweet Home

Released in June 2015, the game revolves around Emily’s daughter Paige and Grace, another kid from the neighborhood, becoming best friends. 

delicious 11

However, a small accident prompts Grace’s mother to make Emily leave the area.

Delicious: Emily’s Hopes And Fears

Released in November 2015 on Kindle, iOS, Android, and general Gamehouse, Paige contracts an illness. Patrick sets out to find a flower that they believe is a cure. F

delicious games in order

From the series ‘Heart’s Medicine’, Allison Heart is also present in this edition.

Delicious: Emily’s Message In A Bottle

Emily and her family take up a journey to search for her grandfather and Antoni’s brothers in Italy to gather for a family reunion.

delicious 13

The game was released in August 2016 on PC, iOS, Android, and Mac.

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Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol

Emily and her family go on a vacation to celebrate Christmas in Santa’s House.

delicious games in order

Released in October 2016, this game is a sequel to the previous edition.

Delicious: Emily’s Miracle Of Life

Emily and Patrick welcome a new addition to the family.

delicious 15

Released in August 2017, this was the 15th game of the series. 

Delicious: Emily’s Moms Vs. Dads

Released in December 2017, the storyline of the game is about Emily coming back to her restaurant. 

delicious 16

The fathers challenge the mothers there to prove who is the best parent.

Delicious: Emily’s Road Trip

Released in May 2019, Emily decides to go on a trip along with her family. 

delicious games in order

Betty’s diner also makes a comeback in the game.

Delicious World

The latest version of the game is a reboot version of the same storyline starting from the events of Delicious: Emily’s True Love. However, the story becomes a little different from this point.

delicious 18

Delicious World was released in June 2019.

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So, now that you know all the Delicious games in order, you can pick your favorite one to play. All the games are easy to play and are quite entertaining in itself. We hope this article helped clear your confusion and helped you choose the right games by yourself.

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