Digisol Router Login Guide | Login to Digisol Router IP Easily

The router is a component of networking equipment that permits interaction between your localized home network (such as your private PCs and other network devices) and the worldwide web. Digisol is a well-known router manufacturer and development company that is famous among clients worldwide. This tutorial will walk you through the DIGISOL router login process using the default router login information. 

How To Login Digisol Router

Follow these steps to login digisol router-


There are numerous options available to ensure a smooth Digisol router login process.

 Step 1

Check that the device is properly connected to the Digisol router and has no disruption.

digisol router

Devices that are not added to the network cannot view the login page.

 Step 2

Run your favorite web browser. Input the original DIGISOL access IP address in the search box and click enter to view the login page of Digisol.

login digisol

Note: If you are not taken to the Digisol login page, your IP address is most likely incorrect. Don’t worry, and you can simply retrieve the default router IP address by using the command prompt and the ipconfig function.

Step 3

Enter the right login credentials in the textbox adjacent to the username/password texts on the login screen that opens and click LOGIN.

If the entries do not match the correct credentials, thus an error may display.

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Digisol Router Login Guide | Login to Digisol Router IP Easily

The basic DIGISOL router login credentials are : 

 Username “admin”, Enter Password “1234” or “admin.”

 Step 4

You will now view your router’s control window. You may modify and improve the Digisol router setup here.

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Basic DIGISOL Router Configuration

Each router has a pre-configured static IP, login credentials, and a default hostname and secret key. Additionally, you should update these initially since they pose a potential threat to your local network.

Change the Default DIGISOL Router Password.

New routers commonly arrive with simple and easy shot login credentials. Because the router credentials are well-known and simple to guess, it is intended to be updated. An intruder or a nosy user who comes within the wireless range of an unprotected network can log in when the Password is not updated. Having left your networks accessible to the public because you did not change the default password is a disaster waiting to happen.

Here are the procedures for changing the router password.

Log in to your DIGISOL router using the instructions outlined above.


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Digisol Router Login Guide | Login to Digisol Router IP Easily

1. Click on the Maintenance tab on the settings window.

2. Then click on Password from the list in the menu on the left.

log in to digisol router

3. In the User Account Table below, select admin.

4. In the Old Password textbox provided above, enter the old (default) password.

5. Type a new password in the New Password box provided.

 Also, to make your password difficult to guess and strong, use a combination of letters (capital and lowercase), numerals, and special characters.

6. Enter the new Password again in the Confirm Password entry to confirm it.

7. Finally, Click the Modify button.

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The DIGISOL router login processes are simple, and once you have access to the settings menu, you will see all of the accessible choices. Finally, avoid making needless changes to the settings and keep track of everything you do. This way, you’ll know what to fix if something unexpected happens. In addition, if there is a serious problem, try to contact the service provider.

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