Echo vs Dot vs Tap: An In-Depth Comparison

The world has been evolving ever since the Big Bang. The most evolved species since then has been the Homo Sapiens, commonly known as human beings. Even though we may remain orthodox in doing things, we are highly driven by a ‘less work, more results’ attitude. When we realized the cold was unbearable, we started using the fur of animals to warm our bodies.

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amazon echo vs dot vs tap

With the launch of smart home devices, such as amazon echo, dot, tap, smart home technology has turned into an essential rather than merely being an additional gadget. The rising number of their usage clearly depicts how many people have to depend on them. with a lot of demand came a lot of options. Those options are weighed for their pros and cons in this ‘echo vs dot vs tap’ article.

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Comparing Amazon Echo vs Dot vs Tap

It’s 2022, the era of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Most of the homes we see today have smart devices installed in them, which in turn, provide a hands-free operation on almost everything, just with a command of your voice. Whether you want to book a ride, make a call, say it. Want some refreshment? Listen to your favorite music. Are you getting too hot? Lower your AC’s temperature. Just ask Alexa what you want, and get it done in a matter of moments.

comparing amazon smart devices
Comparing Amazon Smart Devices

Today, we have brought in front of you three of these Alexa-powered devices, Amazon Echo vs dot vs tap, which you should be interested in installing right there and turning your home into a smart home.

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Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Amazon Echo(4th generation) is a hands-free speaker, enabled via Wi-fi at your home, that you can control through your voice. It connects to Alexa voice service to provide you with many enhanced services like music, news feeds, sports scores, weather reports, making calls, and a lot more. In the form of a sphere, it comes with crisp sound quality and an excellent bass with its powerful 3.0″ neodymium woofer & two 0.8″ tweeters powered by Dolby, plus increased volume. Its innovative technology senses the acoustics of the surrounding environment to fine-tune its audio.

 amazon echo (4th generation)
Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Being a perfect tool to make your home a smart home, its stylish lights also add a perfect finish to your furniture’s looks. It has a built-in 360-degree omnidirectional microphone that can sense your voice perfectly from any corner of your room. All of that is just for INR 7499.00. Costs too much? We have a mini version of Amazon Echo for you.

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Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation Vs Amazon Echo 

Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation (or simply, Amazon Dot) is a minified version of Amazon Echo, and it costs less too (just INR 3999.00). Its diameter is 3.9″ with a height of 3.5″, which is smaller than Echo with a diameter of 5.7″ and size of 5.2″. It also weighs just 341.3 grams as compared to the vast 970 grams of Echo. It has 1.6-inch front-firing speakers, which provide an excellent sound quality, but not as good as our previous beast. Echo has better bass and crispier sound, and clear vocals. Speaking of the microphones, for Echo vs Dot vs Tap, Echo again wins with its advanced 7-microphone array while dot has a more straightforward four-microphone collection.

amazon echo dot 4th generation
Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation

With its smaller dimensions, Dot consumes lesser space and provides nearly as good results as Echo. Both of them come in 3 various colors: Charcoal, Glacier White and Twilight Blue.

Now, the Echo dot also comes with a clock with LED that also shows temperature or timer. The LED display also automatically adjusts in response to lighting conditions in your room. Also, a Kid’s edition features kid-friendly kid-friendly content and comes in an eye-catching design of a tiger or a panda that allows children to learn.

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Amazon tap (Portable device)

This is the Bluetooth and wi-fi-enabled speaker called Amazon Tap. The key feature that makes it different from the previous two devices is that it is battery-operated. Yes, that means that it is portable. It has dual stereo speakers that provide 360-degree omnidirectional audio connected with the hotspot of your smartphone or wi-fi. It is also smaller than the Echo and dot (just 6.3 inches high and 2.6 inches in diameter) and was also cheaper (compared to the previous generations of Echo, which were released then).

Its portability and nine hours of battery life also made it ideal for the on-the-go purpose. Its carry cases came in various colors like White, Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Tangerine. But it lacks a woofer and has smaller speakers and poorer sound quality than the previous two.

amazon tap(portable device)
Amazon tap(Portable device)

Tap was portable, but there came a lot of third-party Alexa-enabled devices. However, this device was discontinued due to one of the problems: you have to constantly tap the button on it to make it work, unlike the Echo that only requires a simple voice command. As Alexa is available in many different places, the portability feature of Tap has become nearly useless when we look at echo vs dot vs tap. Hence, Amazon decided to abandon the portable tap, focusing on getting Alexa into more third-party devices.

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Lastly, I would like to say that if you have a bigger room or if you are conscious about the quality of the sound (say if you want bass), then Amazon Echo is a good option for you. It has a better sound quality and a deeper bass. And if you have a budget and want a smart home for yourself, Echo Dot would benefit you.

Also, the Echo dot comes in many varieties (as I have already mentioned), and kids would love to make friends with Alexa. Last but not least, due to discontinuation of tap it will not be available for you to buy. I hope this Amazon Echo vs dot vs tap comparison gave you some perspective. The rest of choice is yours to make.

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