Facebook Lite Download For PC- A Complete Guide

The famous social networking site Facebook has a lighter version called Facebook Lite. We all know how difficult it may be to install large apps on slow devices. Therefore we’ll discuss how to do a Facebook Lite download for PC on Mac and Windows.

But first, we want to provide some information that is necessary for you to know before we move forward talking about how to install Facebook Lite on your computer. The first thing you need not forget is that you cannot download the Facebook Lite app from the Microsoft Application Store because it is unavailable on the Windows Store. You won’t find a link to download the PC version of this app on the Facebook website or any other forums. 

fb lite

The app’s name is Facebook lite, and it was created just for the Facebook launch. Additionally, this app lacks the animation and other extraneous frills included in the Facebook main app while offering nearly identical features.

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How To Install Facebook Lite On PC?

As previously mentioned, you cannot immediately download the FB lite program from the Windows Store. To launch Android apps on the computer using this strategy, we utilized the Bluestacks Android emulator. Initially, you should download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your computer. Without further ado, let’s look at the process step by step.

  1. To install the software on your computer, double-click the bluestacks installer; this requires an internet connection. blustack installer
  2. Once it has been installed on your computer, open the program and launch the play store by logging in using your Google or Gmail account.
  3. Now that the play store icon is shown on the main screen, click it to launch the play store. open playstore
  4. The next step is to click the search box on your Windows computer and type in “Facebook lite.”
  5. You can see the FB lite app there; click the install button to get the FB lite app installed on your computer. open fb lite
  6. After installation, the open button will be visible; click on it to launch the app. Alternatively, you can launch the app by clicking on the icon.

And that’s it! Now, the Facebook Lite app can be used on computers just like it can be used on mobile devices.

The procedure is the same for you if you use a Mac and want to download Facebook lite on your computer. Some people might not be able to sign in with a Google account while installing this app.

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Facebook Lite Download For PC (With Apk File)

Now, only use this technique if the first one is giving you errors because it’s possible that it won’t provide you with the most recent Facebook lite app for PC.

  1. Open the Android emulator on your computer and select the three dots from the dashboard. open android emulator
  2. There are currently two options available, and you must select the install apk option as the first.
  3. The following step will open a window and instruct you to choose an apk file from your computer.
  4. Choose the Facebook lite apk file from this list. install fb lite apk file
  5. Once you click the open button, the software will seamlessly and instantly install on your computer.
  6. The program icon will appear on your computer’s dashboard once installed. Click that button to launch and utilize the Facebook lite app on your computer.

But, prefer using method one first.

Facebook Lite App Features

Don’t worry; you can still access these services if you download our software to your computer or mobile device.

  • If your computer has little RAM, you can still download and install FB Lite because it is only close to 2MB in size.
  • The Facebook lite PC app has every feature included in the standard Facebook app, allowing you to have the whole Facebook experience. fb lite app layout
  • You may manage all of your pages and groups with this app and perform any activities without risking compromise.

So, these are a few of this app’s best features.

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Does Facebook have a lightweight app for computers?

No, an official app is not accessible on the Mac or Windows store. However, you can use an android emulator to utilize it.

Does Facebook have a Lite version?

Yes, a little, 2-3 MB, version of Facebook accessible. It is called the Facebook lite app.

How can I install Facebook Lite on my computer?

Install a reliable android emulator first, then get this software from the play store and install it on the emulator, and you're set to go.


We hope you enjoy this article on how to completely install the Facebook lite app on a Windows or Mac computer. Here’s all you would like to know about FB lite for PC.

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