6 Best Free Scanner Apps For iPhone

Nowadays, most people prefer to work from home, but not everyone has an established scanner in their house, and all are using worthwhile mobile. Some are using iPhones and other expensive android phones. But what if we use them only for calling, chatting, and other social media unless to do our important work? Therefore, there are some free scanner apps for iPhone users to scan their work, while sitting at home and send across. 

scanner apps

Scanners are an essential part of remote work. If you don’t want to scan anything for work, then you might need it for a copy of receipts, or other legal documents, then a scanner is a smart way to organize them. But these days, smartphones are enough to take the place of scanners, and you don’t need to expend your money to negotiate a scanner if you have a good smartphone.

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Best Free Scanner Apps For iPhone

A few of the best free scanner apps for iPhone users are:

Adobe Scan

Adobe scan is easy and free to download from the Apple app store. It is one of the powerful scanners which recognize our text automatically and convert it into a digital file.

adobe scan

Receipts, notes, ID cards, photos, and whiteboards can be scanned and turned from jpeg to pdf. Adobe scan can be used to scan any document to convert it into a pdf or photo. You can save and sort the files in the order you want, i.e. sort by date, memory size, or person to person. This app automatically finds statements and receipts on your phone to convert them into pdf files. It also proposes to scan multiple pages with a single click.

When opened in an acrobat reader, it also capitalizes on the benefit of highlighting the text, adding comments, and filling and signing articles.

Install: Adobe Scan


Camscanner is a power scanning app that turns a mobile device into a portable scanner that recognizes text automatically. It is like all in one app as it gives several features which others give in different apps. This app is unrestricted and easily accessible at the apple app store. It retains your eternity and heightens productivity.

This app offers various scanning modes, and you can scan anything with this free app, such as documents, id cards, passports, fax papers, and books.


QR codes can also be scanned with this scam scanner. This enables you to create a pdf from websites and convert them into multiple formats as you need. You can also add your e-signature to the document by using this app which makes it different from other apps. Thus, for so many in-built features, it is one of the best free scanner apps for iPhone users.

You can send these app documents by email, as a link, or upload them to google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc. It gives you a feature to lock your important files with passwords. You can also print files from this app. You can share files quickly and securely from this app without any interference. This app also gives unlimited access to membership plans. You consent to get all features of the app.

Install: CamScanner

Swift Scan

Swift scan is another scanner app that you may use. It is one of the easiest ways to create a pdf. It creates high-quality files on your iPhone and iPad. While scanning a document, this app makes several decisions to give you a better result.

swift scanner

This app also allows file naming and faxing and gives access to hundreds of companies you can’t get in other apps. It offers comfortable integration with Microsoft, which is suitable for those who frequently use this app.

Install: Swift Scan

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Apowersoft Scanner

The Apowersoft Scanner is one of the most promising iPhone pdf scanner apps. This software is perfect for anyone needing a portable scanner to capture receipts, papers, certifications, and notes and rapidly turn them into digital documents. Scanner auto-recognition technology is installed, which simplifies the process. Hence, is one of the best free scanner apps for iPhone users.

apowersoft scanner

Additionally, you can use its OCR technology to enhance your scanned data and turn your photos into documents. You may quickly and easily crop and resize your documents as a consequence. It stands out since you can freely include notes and signatures with your documents. You can also remove certain pages or combine many pages into one file. The application allows you to save your results after scanning.

Install: Apowersoft Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens

A scanner included in the Office Suite is called Microsoft Office Lens. It works seamlessly with other Office programs like PowerPoint and Word. In comparison to the prior instrument, Lens performs poorly.

microsoft office lens

Most consumers found extra white lines on their scanned documents during testing. The only apparent problem that can be fixed with the next upgrades is this one. Your PDF may also be exported to various formats, including PowerPoint and Word documents. In our opinion, Lens is one of the best free scanner apps for the iPhone.

Install: Microsoft Office Lens

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Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is currently one of the least well-liked apps on the list. This also has excellent PDF scanning capabilities. Users of this program can scan numerous pages at once, which is a benefit. Thereby, making it the best free scanner apps for iphone.

scanner pro

Users can also back up their papers using the iCloud integration. This program also makes document sharing simply because it supports email, Dropbox, and iCloud. We can state that Scanner Pro is one of the top scanner applications for the iPhone, even though it is not yet on par with Lens or Adobe Scan as a scanner.

Install: Scanner Pro


Thus, this article lists free scanner apps for iPhone users. Find the best one and, according to the needs and requirements, download the app accordingly.

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