How to Clear Spotlight Search History on iPhone?

You’ve probably noticed that your search phrases appear underneath the search field when using the Spotlight search on your iPhone or iPad. However, there is no way to remove such search phrases. However, Apple does not currently provide a way to delete the spotlight search history.  Your iPhones save a lot of sensitive information, including your most recent calls and messages, as well as your credit card data. As there are many prying eyes ready to uncover your data, there is a potential that all of these items will be compromised by hackers. Following ways will teach you how to clear spotlight search history on iphone.

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Delete Safari Visit History:

 Safari is the default browser on every iPhone and iPad. It may be considered Apple’s response to Google’s Chrome. The majority of people use it without installing any other browsers. Links will sometimes open by default in the Safari browser.

delete safari visit history
Delete Safari Visit History

As a result, it is preferable to delete the Safari visit history. What must you do? You must launch the app on your iPhone and select the second-to-last icon, which looks like an open book. Select the History tab, which is the last tab with the clock icon. The Clear option will be shown at the bottom. To delete all browsing history from Safari, click the clean button and choose All Time.

Delete Old Addresses from Apple Maps:

 Open Apple Maps on your iPhone, and you’ll see street addresses below the Search box. You will locate some of the lessons you have already used. Some customers claim that they are unable to erase these outdated locations from Apple Maps. They are unable to erase the address by swiping to the left. If you are experiencing this problem on your iPhone, a quick and easy workaround is available in Settings that will allow you to utilize the “Remove” function.

delete old addresses from apple map
delete old addresses from apple map

Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services from the drop-down menu. Select System Services, then Significant Locations at the bottom of the screen. Clear the history here.

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Delete Chrome History on iOS:

 The majority of people worldwide choose Chrome, and it is one of the most popular browsers in the world since it supports practically every platform and operating system. There are two ways to delete Chrome history.

To remove Chrome search history, the first approach is to run the program and go to Menu. There, you will need to click Privacy to manage your saved data. Clear Browsing Data will appear at the bottom of the screen.

delete chrome history on ios
Delete Chrome History on iOS

Chrome gives you a choice to clear what you can and cannot remove in the app. You must choose anything you want to erase, such as browsing history, cache data, stored passwords, and so on. Don’t pick anything you don’t wish to erase, and it will remain on the device. Once you’ve selected anything you want to erase, click Clear Browsing Data in the red type below to finish.

Delete Spotlight Search History:

The Spotlight will appear when you swipe down on the home screen, a global search bar that assists you in finding apps, file names, and SIRI suggestions. You utilize it the majority of the time. Thus there must be a lot of search data gathered there.

delete spotlight search history
Delete Spotlight Search History

To remove the Spotlight search history:

  • Navigate to Settings and choose SIRI & Search.
  • Navigate a bit lower to the SIRI recommendations header and turn it off.
  • Return to the previous two settings to quickly remove all of your Spotlight search history and data.
delete spotlight search history step 1
Delete Spotlight Search History step 1
  • Suggestions for Search
  •  Suggestions for Look-Up

Swiping down to expose the Spotlight on the home screen is another option to remove the spotlight history. There are several default app suggestions here and a Clear button on the right, underneath the tips. Click it to remove all search history, then click OK.

Delete App Used History:

 When you use an app on your phone, it records it. The program vanishes when you touch the home button, but not totally since it stays open in the background. If you want to use it again, your iPhone will use fewer resources to access it right away.

delete app used history
Delete App Used History

You must double-tap the home button twice to remove the program usage history. You will be able to view all of the applications you have used. Swipe each app upwards one at a time to remove it from the search history. When you finish deleting the applications, you will be instantly returned to the home screen.

To Clear All Settings:

 Reset iPhone: By resetting the iPhone, you may also clean or erase everything at once. Most individuals reset their iPhones to sell an old iPhone to someone else, erasing all data.

to clear all settings
To Clear All Settings

It is crucial to know that resetting your iPhone or iPad will lose all data. Your iPhone will be restored to its original condition. Following that, you’ll need to choose a language, create/enter an Apple ID, and so on.

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You may remove the spotlight search history on iPhone by using the techniques described above. We expect that in one of the future iOS versions, Apple will provide the ability to remove the spotlight search history. Until then, you can use any of the approaches outlined in today’s post. Also, please share your experiences with us in the comments area. Because Apple has not yet given away to remove your spotlight search history on iPhone or iPad, these workarounds will undoubtedly assist you in clearing your spotlight search history. We hope now you know how to clear spotlight search history on iphone.

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