How To Download All Photos From Facebook

Facebook is a social media website that many people look to as the internet’s central hub for connecting with friends and family members. This website has been around since 2004, making it over ten years old. The site offers users ways to send instant messages, share photos & videos, play games together online, among other things. But do you know how to download all photos from Facebook? 

If you ever take a photo on your phone that you wanted to post to Facebook, or upload to your online album and then share them with friends, family, and followers — but later discarded the idea because they dwarfed all the other photos in terms of quality — it’s time for a rethink. The competition is stiff, and photos are hard enough without Facebook making them look worse!

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Reasons to Download Facebook Photos

Downloading Facebook photos is quick and easy, plus there are plenty of apps out there that will automatically do it for you. These are five good reasons to download Facebook photos.

how to download facebook photos

  1. No more bulky, high-resolution photos clogging up your phone’s memory.
  2. You can share more than one photo on Facebook at a time instead of uploading them individually (this is especially useful for photos you’ve taken as a series).
  3. You can save storage space on your phone by combining multiple photos into one high-quality file (instead of separately saving each photo in lower resolution).
  4. It makes it easier to edit and share photos because they all arrive in one place, and they will not scatter around your phone or computer in different folders (depending on how many storage devices you use).
  5. Another advantage of downloading Facebook photos is that you can save them in sizes suitable for different uses. If you want to print your photos, you’ll want to save them at their full resolution — but if they’re just for online viewing, there’s no need to go overboard with resolution.

People upload a lot of data to Facebook. Thousands of photos and videos can be readily uploaded to your Facebook account over time. But what if you wanted to back up or save all of your images before canceling your Facebook account? Don’t worry, and there is a simple solution. Continue reading to learn how to download all photos from Facebook.

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How to Copy Photos from Facebook Account

You can copy all photos from your Facebook account and save them to your computer by following these steps:

  1. To get started, you’ll have to open Facebook.step 1
  2. The drop-down menu will appear when you click the arrow on the right
  3. To change your settings, click Settings & Privacysettings and privacy
  4. Navigate to the Settings page
  5. You can access your Facebook information from the left sidebar by clicking Your Facebook Informationstep 3
  6. Click on “Download Your Information”download your information
  7. Select All Time or any other date range you want under Date Range
  8. Click the Deselect All button on the right sidedeselect all
  9. Only select postscreate the file
  10. Click the Create File button 

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Access to your files will not be available right away. The process of putting your files together may take Facebook up to 30 minutes, depending on the number of files being retrieved and the timeframe you selected. Continue to read this article to know how to download all photos from facebook.

You’ll get a notification when your files are ready. Then, on the notification, click Download. Your package will be in the form of a ZIP file, which you will need to unzip to access the individual photos included therein. Once it is unzipped, You can see all of your photos in the media folder. Please keep in mind that your file may be many gigabytes in size.

You can return to the same spot where you created your ZIP file if you need to re-download it. Click Available Copies at the top of the page. To re-download the file, click Download Again. This file will only be available for a certain amount of time, usually a week, before it expires. You can always recreate the file by following the procedures above. 

Your download file will most likely be huge and will require unzipping. Hence, it will be better to download your files using Facebook’s web version. Although this is not suggested, you can use your mobile device to download all photos from facebook by following similar instructions.

How to Download a Facebook Album

Facebook makes it simple to download albums. Go to the album’s page and click the three dots in the top right corner to download an album.

download facebook album

After that, click Download Album, and you’re done. You don’t always need all of your images, only an album.

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How to Save a Photo from Facebook

You can also download one photo at a time from facebook. This procedure must be followed to ensure that the highest-quality version of the photo gets downloaded. Follow this instructions to download all photos from facebook.

save a photo

The procedure is nearly comparable to that of downloading an album. Open it and click the three dots in the top right corner to download a photo. Then press the Download button.

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On a concluding note, saving photos from Facebook is a great way to back up your account and save space on your phone. You can then upload the photos to a different website for sharing or keep them stored on your computer for safekeeping. This article is a complete guide on how to download all photos from facebook. Either way, download those Facebook photos — you never know when they might come in handy!


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