How To Install Showbox On Firestick | Easy Methods

Showbox is a very popular app known for providing free streaming services for millions of high-quality movies and web series. The primary reason for its popularity was that it does not have any kinds of pop-ups or ads, unlike its competitors. Due to obvious reasons, Showbox is not available on regular app stores (like google play stores) for installation. So, in order to install Showbox on your fire TV stick, there is a different procedure to be followed, which we will go through now. This article will explore how to install Showbox on firestick.

how to install showbox on firestick

Click here if you’re facing the error of “No Audio Output Device Is Installed”.

Setup TV For Installation

First, we have to do some initial settings in our fire TV to start it. Follow the below steps in order to set your TV up for installation.

  1. Go to the settings icon on your Firestick.set
  2. Go to the option of My Fire TV and click on Developer firestick
  3. Turn on ABD Debugging. Also, turn on Apps from Unkown Sources. (A warning message will appear on the screen as a pop-up). Click on Turn On.adb

Now the essential settings are enabled, we can move toward the installation of Showbox.

The Xfinity stream also helps the subscriber to view the channels that are LIVE broadcasted so, Install Xfinity Stream on Firestickfrom here.

Installing The Downloader

In order to install app for Showbox on your Firestick, we first need to install a Downloader on your Firestick. Downloader helps us to download anything on your TV with the use of just an URL. To install Downloader on your Firestick.

  1. Click on the search
  2. Type ‘Downloader’ on it.downloader
  3. Click on the Downloader icon (Downloader by
  4. Click on Download.

The Downloader is ready to use after the completion of downloading and installation.

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Installing The Showbox

There are various methods to install. Check out the easiest one for yourself.

To install Showbox Using Downloader

  1. Launch the Downloader you just installed on your Firestick.showbox
  2. Go to Settings and enable JavaScript.launch
  3. Now come back to the home tab.
  4. Select the URL Box using the Firestick.
  5. Type the URL to the Showbox app. (type
  6. Click on the Go button to proceed using Firestick. downloader
  7. For installation of Showbox, click on the Next button to proceed further. 
  8. Click on install in order to install Showbox app on your Firestick.
  9. Wait a few minutes while the installation of Showbox is being completed on your TV.

Click on Open in order to launch Showbox on your Firestick.

To Install Showbox Using ES File Explorer

Now just in case, we are here to provide you with another method to download the Showbox on your Firestick. This one is using ES File Explorer. The steps to do so are

  1. Go to the amazon app store and search for ES File Explorer.
  2. Click on Download in order to install ES File Explorer on your file explorer
  3. Wait a few minutes while the ES File Explorer is being downloaded and Installed.
  4. Next, go to the Your Apps and Channel section on your TV.
  5. Select the ES File Explorer app and launch it on your TV.
  6.  Next, select the Downloader app from the home page.icon
  7. Click on New appearing on the bottom of the screen. A pop-up screen will appear.
  8. Enter the URL to the Showbox apk on the path field. And enter the Name Showbox on the Name
  9. Click on Download Now to proceed further; the downloading of the apk has been started; wait for some time.
  10. After the downloading is completed, click on the open file button.
  11. Click on install to install the Showbox on your Firestick.

Wait for some time, and the Showbox will be installed on your Firestick.

Download: ES File Explorer

Installation of  Mouse Toggle

Now since the Showbox is generally for android mobile, the navigation in Showbox can be difficult using the Firestick. To aid the navigation on the Showbox, we would use a mouse toggle. To set up the mouse toggle on your TV, show the given procedure.

  1. First, install the Downloader on your Firestick using the procedure given firestick
  2. Next, go to My Fire TV. Go to developer options.
  3. Enable ABD Debugging and Install unknown apps.adb
  4. Launch the Downloader app on your firestick TV.icon
  5. On the downloader app, go to settings and enable JavaScript.
  6. Come back to the home screen of the Downloader app. Search for
  7. Click on GO. Scroll download.
  8. Under downloads and tools, you will find Mouse Toggle. Click on it and scroll down.
  9. You will see a download button. Click on the download button. Wait for some moment while the downloading is being completed.
  10. Click on install in order to install the mouse toggle. Click on the open button to launch the mouse toggle.mouse toggle
  11. To enable mouse service click on it, and Auto-start the mouse service on the device start-up.

Now to turn on the mouse toggle, all you have to do is double press the play button on your Firestick. Follow the same process to disable the mouse toggle.

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Installation Of The Express VPN

Now since the Showbox has been installed from an unknown source, it is best to use a VPN as a safety precaution. Here are the steps to install the Express VPN, one of the best VPNs available for Firestick.

  1. Click on the find button on the home screen and click on
  2. Type ExpressVPn using the virtual keyboard provided and search for it. Choose the ExpressVPN app the form the search results.
  3. Click on the Download in order to install the ExpressVPN on your Firestick. vpn
  4. Wait for some moment while ExpressVPN is downloading and installing.
  5. Click on Open to launch ExpressVPN. Sign in with your subscription account.
  6. Select the VPN server location of your choice and click on connect.

You are good to go and stream the Showbox platform safely.


Due to pandemics, work from home and many more factors, OTT has gained popularity. Similar is the case of Firestick. Showbox is one of the recreational features of firesticks. We should use the facilities to the optimum. Hence, it is a mandate to install Showbox, isn’t it? Hoping this article has helped to customize your firestick.

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