How To Reset LG Television [Complete Guide For 2022]

These days, televisions have become a lot more than just viewing serials, shows, movies, or news. Thanks to the quick advancements in technology, today’s generation televisions have become “Smart.” With Smart TVs, people now have multiple ways to get entertained. Whether playing games, streaming movies, binge-watching on online streaming platforms, or exploring apps like YouTube, Smart TVs have now got everything. Now, you might be thinking about how a mere TV can become Smart or how it has the capability just like a smartphone. Well, smart TVs are standard television sets but with some extra components like a processor, internet connection, and an operating system. They are fast, easy to operate, and provide you with all the necessary bits of entertainment. So, in this article, we’ll tell you about how to reset LG television in simple and effective ways.

reset lg television

And today, LG is very well-known for their latest gen webOS powered smart TVs.

But sometimes, like every other gadget or smartphone we use, your LG TV may malfunction. Usually, it might have been caused due to third-party applications or maybe some glitches in the software.

In such instances, resetting the device solves the issue most of the time.

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How To Reset LG Smart Television

  1. To begin with, press the “Home” button on your LG TV remote.home button
  2. The menu screen appears. Look for “Settings” and select it.
  3. Go to General > “Reset.” Follow the instructions as instructed.
  4. Click “Confirm” on all the on-screen to reset your lg smart television
  5. After this, enter the password of the TV. If you have forgotten the password, visit LG’s website and search for your model number.

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How To Reset LG Smart Television (Without Remote)

  1. Press and hold the TV’s power button wherever located. If it resets after 10 secs, do not follow the below-mentioned steps. Otherwise, move on to the next step.
  2. Navigate your way to the “Menu” and “Settings” options using the panel control buttons.
  3. Go to Menu > Settings > General > Reset. Click on Confirm on all the displayed instructions. After you have entered the password, the TV will reset.reset

How To Hard Reset LG Smart Television

  1. Press and hold the volume down on your LG TV remote and power keys simultaneously. Hold for 10 secs. volume down on your lg tv remote
  2. The logo appears on the screen. The reset is complete.

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Resetting LG Smart Television Without The Password

  1. Push the Menu button on your remote, then choose Settings.home button
  2. Navigate to the “Advanced Settings” tab. Scroll down and look for the “Safety” option.
  3. After this, you will see a button labeled “Reset Password.” Please do not click on it. Select the option and hit the channel up button twice, then channel up and finally channel down. It is a hidden process through which you can change your password.
  4. A dialogue box appears next. Type ‘0313’ or ‘0325’.
  5. Then the safety dialogue box appears. Type in “0000”.
  6. A screen will appear from wherein you can change your password.

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Factory Resetting LG Smart Television

  1. Press the Menu button > Settings > Support.
  2. Navigate and select the “General” settings.
  3. Select the ” Reset to Initial Settings” option from the drop-down menu. The factory resetting process will start.
  4. Follow the instructions as displayed and proceed with the reset process.
  5. Then enter the password. Once you have entered it correctly, the resetting process will begin.
  6. After the procedure is completed, the TV will prompt you to set it up just like you would have done it for the first time.

factory resetting lg smart television

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So, this was a complete guide on how to reset LG television. We have also covered different scenarios wherein you can solve the problem at your convenience and without hassle.

Hopefully, this article will help you in solving your issues. Stay tuned for more such Information.

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