Spoof Text Apps: Our Top 8 To Create Fake Conversations Easily

Quarantined life has undoubtedly been mundane and boring. One might plan to get over the lockdown period just by playing games or surfing the internet. However, passing on leisure time is not that easy-going. We all know that a lazy mind is known as the devil’s workshop. So, who can call off a plan which involves pranking on your friends and family? If you are in the mood of taking your pranks to some whole new level and are devising ways to do so, we got you covered. We want to introduce you to Spoof text apps, a whole genre of apps developed for this very purpose.  After you finish this article, you will be an absolute pro prankster. You will be able to handle fake conversations and pranking your targets to some hilarious extent. Are you still confused about the idea and worrying about where to start?

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spoof text apps

Let us introduce you to the general idea first. Spoof text apps are those that help to generate fake text messages to deceive the receiver. They allow you to prank someone, scare them and earn a hard laugh in return. However, if you are confused about the plethora of options available and need some suggestions, we got you covered again.

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Spoof Text Apps

Here is a list of our top 8 spoof text apps:

Fakenger- Fake Chat Messages

This application introduced by Play Fake allows you to fake chat conversations. This app allows sharing a phony chat screen which is bound to deceive the person on the other side.

fakenger pro

It has multiple other features which help you to create fake contact profiles, stories, and groups. This app surprisingly supports multimedia messages and fake videos. With the features which allow automatic fake replies, you can fool anyone easily.

Download Fakenger- Fake Chat messages: Android

Text Message Creator

This app by Neurondigital allows you to send and receive text messages from any person of your choice. It helps you to create phony conversations that look super realistic but are fake.

text message creator

This app has features that offer you to choose between multiple themes available. This app will also help you generate fake conversations and prank anyone with screenshots.

Download Text Message Creator: Android

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What’s Fake

This app allows you to create realistic simulations of chat conversations. This app also helps you in creating fake profiles and share counterfeit conversations.


It supports phony statuses with full emojis, videos, pictures, and other multimedia messages.All these features makes the application one of the best spoof text apps.

Download What’s Fake: Android/iOS

TextingStory Chat Story Maker

Do you want to create some plausible fake conversations? If yes, this app would prove a boon to you. Though it looks like a usual messenger, it can help you switch between characters by tapping on their respective names. This app allows you to create full-on profiles of multiple characters with their image and description.

spoof text apps

This app helps you to screenshot and screen record conversations which makes it look more realistic. You can change or customize the themes as per your taste. This spoof text app does not even add a watermark to the screenshots taken.

Download TextingStory Chat Story Maker: Android/iOS

Fake Message Free 2021

This spoof text app allows you to create counterfeit texts which help you play a joke on your friends. The conversation tone and details look so genuine that they can deceive anyone.

spoof text apps

This app allows you to generate both text and multimedia messages. Amaze your friends with this prank by texting with someone they can hardly imagine!

Download Fake message free 2021: Android

Fake Chat Maker

This app empowers users to create any conversation with dialogues between two people of their choice. This app also allows you to send videos and pictures during the conversation.

spoof text apps

It also allows you to create a listing page of fake dialogues that makes it look even more realistic and genuine.

Download Fake chat maker: Android

Fake SMS- Fake Text Message From Anyone

This app allows you to simulate everything in the form of text messages. It works with the latest pattern of messaging that is available on Androids. The interface designed for this application is identical to the conversation themes available for Androids.

spoof text apps

Thus, it is difficult to distinguish and identify if it is a real chat. It has multiple features such as drafts, inbox, and outbox. It allows you easy access to all of your received and sent messages.

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Download Fake SMS- Fake Text Message from Anyone: Android

Yazzy Simulator (Fake Chat)

This app allows you to simulate text messages and much more. It is a lot more than a general news simulator. Along with creating spoof text messages, this app has various other features. It helps in simulating Facebook status or photos, translations, fake Instagram messages, and even system notifications.

spoof text apps

You can exercise control over the likes, comments, and shares and easily customize these posts. While taking screenshots, this app automatically adds a watermark to it. However, that watermark is easily removable.

Download Yazzy Simulator (Fake Chat): Android/iOS


Make your experience of pranking anyone far more hilarious using these applications! If you are bored in a meeting or caught in an embarrassing situation, these apps would help plan your escape without fail. These apps make your fake conversation look so realistic that deceiving people becomes a lot easier than one can imagine. However, the only thing that one needs to keep in mind while using these apps is that these apps are only for entertainment purposes. The users should also check if the version of the particular app is available for their device. Generally, these apps run well on all devices, but some are solely designed either for iOS or for Androids. In those cases, the user must pay attention before downloading.

So, what is stopping you from trying any of these apps? Pull-on your prankster spirit on any of your friends or family member today!

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