6 Best Video Calling App For PC Of 2022

Video calls are super cool! I mean, you’re probably sitting seven seas apart, or maybe it’s just the quarantine, but one click and you’re right there with the person- in their moment- be it’s a holiday, a movie, making sure your best friend’s outfit is perfect or birthdays- you’re in it! By far, it is the easiest way to connect, chat and hang out with someone. All you need are some stellar video calling apps and high-speed internet. Hence, in today’s article, we will be telling you about the top video calling App for pc.

video calling app for pc

Check out our list to help you pick the best video calling app for your PC! Whether it’s work, social relationships, or some gaming, we got you covered! 


Top video calling app for pc you can download and use today:


 This App shot to popularity with its easy navigation and functionality! You have four yearly pricing options as a user- 3 paid, licensed, and free! The free option lets you host One hundred participants for up to 40 minutes (30 minutes if it’s 1 to 1)! The other plans are paid and differ according to the hosting size of the enterprise (business and education)! Going about Zoom is easy. Once you’ve picked the right plan, you can join or host meetings, add to the calendar, record, transcribe, and have personal chats with the members! Moreover, the audio quality is clear, defined, and easily compatible with audio devices.


The video quality (in my opinion)- is relatively superior irrespective of your PC camera. It is non-grainy, has a decent FPS regardless of the internet (although I would encourage a strong internet), and has various background options that come in handy, especially in WFH situations! Therefore, it allows dial-in so users can connect without wifi or data! Moreover, Zoom can run within a desktop browser window if you don’t want to download the App to your PC.

Compatibility– Windows, Linux, Mac, Web

Free tier– 30 minutes if 1:1. Forty minutes free for 3+ users up to 100 participants.

Cons- Time limit for 3+ users.

Download: Zoom

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Google Meet

Its easy integration with the Google Workspace makes it successful in business and work meetings. It allows collaboration within Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, etc.), making it seamless and easy to collaborate. Its internet requirements are lesser than Zoom; however, it does not have a personal chat option within the meeting. Additionally, it has a dial-in opportunity for easier connection. As it’s integrated with the Google Workspace, all-inclusive business plans start from Rs.125 per month!

google meet

However, if you have a Google Account- you can also host a video meeting up to 100 people for 60 minutes for free! The audio is crisp, works on mobile data, and is compatible with external audio devices. The video quality is alright (Zoom’s lighting is better, in my opinion) and can work decently on low internet.

Compatibility– Windows, Linux, Mac, Web

Free tier- 24 hours if 1:1, 60 minutes free for 3+ users up to 100 participants.

Cons- Time limit for 3+ users.

Download: Google Meet


Among the best video calling app for pc is Skype, which simultaneously offers 50 users. You can also use it for free, no matter what device you’re using. Among the many features of Skype is its ability to connect to landlines and basic cell phones, and it supports both international calling and texting. Paying for this service(Rs 619/per month for India) is necessary, but it can be beneficial when keeping in touch with friends and family overseas. The business version of Skype comes with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office collaboration.


The audio is good, and the internet for video is less demanding than Zoom, but Skype would be more valuable if it had group breakout sessions, virtual hand raising, and more. However, if you factor in pricing, in my personal opinion, Skype is better suited for personal and social connections than business needs.

Compatibility- Windows, Linux, Mac, and Xbox.

Free tier- 50 users.

Cons- Not too suitable for business.

Download: Skype


 Gamers and Gen-Z favorite, Discord is our very own virtual Starbucks; you can meet, connect, make servers, join groups, chat- all in one. Although its most significant win is in the App’s streaming quality, it has a video call option in its servers to connect with friends while gaming or chatting.


The video quality is decent (the lighting is poor), but the rate can be boosted with paid Nitro ($10 a month). Moreover, the audio is crisp and clear with almost little to no lags, even with a lower bandwidth, making it ideal for gamers and streaming.

Compatibility- Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Xbox.

Free tier- 25 on a video call/ no time limit

Cons- Not work-friendly. Video quality isn’t exactly a win!

Download: Discord

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Facebook Messenger

A better-suited platform for social connect, Messenger on PC allows up to 32 people more than Facetime or Duo. It will enable chatting, stickers, and other filters for fun while you virtually connect. It is one of the best video calling app for pc.

facebook messenger

Moreover, the audio is sharp, and the video quality can be a little demanding, but you are good to go with a more substantial bandwidth! Chats and notifications are synced on mobiles, and the PC allows a seamless experience! All one needs is the App downloaded and a Facebook account. All one needs is the App downloaded and a Facebook account.

Compatibility- Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Click here to know more about Windows.

Free tier- 50 on a video call/ no time limit

Cons- Not work-friendly.

Download: Facebook Messenger

Microsoft Teams

Skype’s business partner, the Teams, is a more professional alternative to Skype. Teams provide screen-sharing background and noise-suppression tools. It provides screen-sharing background and noise-suppression tools. Teams allow up to 100 participants in the free tier option! You might still find some of the professional tools in Teams helpful when chatting with others.

microsoft teams

Although it is a little complicated to use, the video chatting option is easy and seamless. Although it is a little complicated to use, the video chatting option is easy and seamless. Moreover, it integrates with Office, so if you want to use it outside of the Office, you can add it to your Office 365 plan. However, the video and audio demand a higher internet bandwidth for a smooth experience.

Compatibility- Windows, Mac, and Linux

Free tier- 100 on video call/ 60 minutes time limit

Cons– Often challenging to use.

Download: Microsoft Teams

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In conclusion, the best video chat apps have free tiers, so you shouldn’t worry about trying several to find the one you like. In case of a social connection- Skype, Zoom, Meet, and Discord would be the best option. All you have to do is install the software and create a new account. For a professional purpose, the decision would depend on the size of the organization, seamless collaborations, and the need for other functionality. But, Zoom and Google Enterprise would be my best bet.

Nevertheless, we hope our list helped you find suitable video calling options for your PC.

After all, aren’t we just a phone call away?

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